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Equipment and Products

Electric and Gas Fired Fluidized Bed Furnaces for hardening, tempering, quenching, annealing, nitriding, or cleaning equipment (Batch & Continuous)

Electric and Gas Fired Batch and Continuous Ovens for aluminum aging, paint curing, pre-heating or tempering/drawing

Electric and gas fired top and front Loading Furnaces for integral quench, hardening atmosphere, pre-heating, tempering/drawing

Stainless Steel Products Stainless steel foil heat treat wrap, stainless steel shim stock, stainless steel key stock

CCT Enterprises Replacement Parts

We stock replacement parts for alloy furnace fixtures, alloy furnace burner tubes, electric heating elements, refractory, thermocouples, temperature controllers, and combustion equipment

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CCT Enterprises specializes in the sales, installation and repair of heat treating equipment and supplies.

P.O. Box 3190 St Marys, Ontario, Canada N4X 1A8

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